What Will Happen To Flash Games In 2020

Bad news, Flash is going to be discontinued in 2020. What does that mean for the future of flash games? Well, it essentially means there will not be anymore flash games created in the future and old games won’t be able to be played in internet browsers anymore. 

Flash is being discontinued for several reasons. According to sources, Flash, as a program, was too problematic, clunky and had many performance issues on browsers, sites and devices. One of the biggest issues with Flash was the fact that it is horribly insecure as a program. Malware developers like to use Flash as a utility to create attacks because the software contained so many zero-day exploits that made their job extremely easy. It seems, however, that Flash’s disappearance will not affect many sites too harshly as many don’t use it or require it. However, it does mean that those games you love might not be playable for you. However, it does not mean that internet browser games are going to be completely extinct. Rather, these old games might be moved to Unity or HTML5, programs which are much more powerful than Flash. However, that doesn’t ensure that all the games you love will be safe. 

If you are particularly nervous about losing some of your favorite games, the best course of action would be to download and save all your favorite Flash Games so they are playable offline. How do you do that? It is overall, quite a simple process if you use a program called Flashpoint. Flashpoint is an ongoing project that is helping people preserve their favorite games. Flashpoint might already give you access to your favorite games if they are already in the process of being saved. However, if they are not, be patient, those games might be saved on Flashpoint soon enough. Worst case scenario, you will have to use resources online to teach you how to download your favorite internet browser games. There are many websites online that can walk you through Flashpoint and methods of preserving your games. 

Before Flash disappears in 2020, it is a good idea to think back on all the old games you enjoy and make sure that you won’t lose anything you find valuable. Write a list of everything you like so that you don’t forget anything when downloading games that will eventually disappear in 2020. Good luck preserving your games!