Program Games In Flash

Today we’ll go over how to program a flash game. The first thing you need to know is that adobe runs different than game programming. It is not a requirement to learn C# or C++ or even Java. However, it does use a variation of Java script with the 3rd reincarnation of Action script, which is adobe’s version of programming. 

So if you want to program a flash game, you will have to learn Action Script. If you have any of the other programming knowledge like C#, C++, or Java, it could come in handy with this programming software. The action script is an enhanced super-set of the ECMAScript programming language. 

If you’re looking to program a flash game, then you need to know coding. There are many sites that offer free courses on how to design a flash game, and how to code and how to program the games. Some of these sites include:
Udemy – Offers a free adobe flash for beginners’ course. It’s a great way to start your journey in creating a flash game. It shows you how to use the software for web interface design, interactive animation projects, and steam high-quality video. It has 148 courses that is approximately 10 and a half hours of teaching materials. Upon completion you will receive a certificate.
TrainSimple – Is a $15 a month training course that gives a great high-caliber certification at the end of the courses. There are dozens of lectures less than 10 minutes long and you can focus on 1 skill at a time. It is only a 5-hour course and you should only have to pay the $15. You have access to their library, the recommended learning paths, and many exercises for you to practice and perfect your skills.
Adobe – moderate database of training activities, and the course is broken down into 5 steps. Flash basics, graphics and symbols, timeline animation, interactive buttons, and digital video. The best part is the training is free.
Kongregate labs – Offers a free training tutorial for building your first flash game. There are 8 different tutorial sections and teaches a different subject for each section.
Make Flash Games – they offer a free text-based tutorial that introduces introductory elements to flash. They have links on their site to games that you can play if you need a break. There are many tutorials to choose from, and they are ranked by a star ranking. 1 being the lowest, and so on.
Newgrounds – All the tutorials are free, and it’s the original hub of flash games. They give you a guide on how to make games from scratch. They have many different tutorials including; a platformer tutorial, an RPG platformer tutorial, and a 2D physics tutorial. It is a place to help you get started creating flash games.
So while there are many sites to teach you how to design the entire flash game by scratch, you can learn the programming language and coding to make yourself more prolific at it.